January 30, 2009


Welcome to my Healthy Traditions blog! The purpose of my blog is to share all the wonderful concoctions I try in my quest for healthier whole food cooking. I plan to share products I like as well as keep track of the cheapest place to purchase it. I will also include how much it cost to make each recipe. Another goal I have is to organize menu plans around my recipes. I will also share links I find that include healthy products or research which pertains to topics of health and nutrition.

This way of thinking about nutrition is so revolutionary for this time! It is the complete opposite of what we are told by the mainstream. I was so amazed after becoming enlightened on the truths that kept out ancestors healthy. Soaking or sprouting grains, seeds and beans, actually releases the nutrients in them....Wow! All this wisdom of the ages has largely been forgotten....until now! Yippy for us!

We are told that saturated fats are bad, bad, bad....when in actuality they are very healthy and important for health. Especially for infants and children!! Read more amazing Myths and Truths about nutrition here! Remember margarine (trans fats)? For years we were told how wonderfully healthy it was for the heart by well meaning doctors! WRONG! I remember reading how bad it was about 1o years ago and stopped using it BEFORE the mainstream came around!

Do you know that soy products, which have been the panacea of the health food market for years, are actually very bad for you? Read about that here!

Why do you ask, have the nutritionists, the doctors, the food pyramid, everything we have ever heard say the complete opposite of what I am telling you? Well as the old saying goes..."It's all about the money!" In other words, special interests with big power got this way of thinking to become mainstream, even when many scientists and doctors opposed this newfangled low fat diet craze!

If you would like to educate yourself about traditional diets and why they are healthy please go to the Weston A. Price website here. They have oodles of wonderful information on the topic!!!!!

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