March 19, 2009

Raw Cream Cheese Heaven!

I am so exited and thrilled that my latest accidental experiment turned out so well!! I was trying to make more of the wonderful raw buttermilk that I talked about in my last post and forgot about it!!! So when I finally remembered to look at it, the whey had already separated out of it. So I'm thinking...let's make cream cheese! Now the last time I tried making cream cheese I made it just from the raw milk..and I must say it turned out awfully gross. But this time being made from buttermilk and not just soured raw turned out Heavenly!!! Success!!

This is what you do:
**If you would like to see pictures: just look at the post I did here, only use the raw buttermilk and not plain raw milk!

1) Fill a quart mason jar with RAW buttermilk and screw on lid.
**You have to use the raw buttermilk you make yourself NOT the store bought kind!

2) Set it in a warm cabinet until you see the yellowish whey separate. This will take 1-2 days instead of 3-4 for just the raw milk.

3) Get a dishtowel or cloth napkin damp and place over a strainer/colander in a large bowl. Now pour the contents of your mason jar in and let it drain.

4) When most of it drains, tie the ends of the towel around a spoon and let drain until the dripping completely stops.

Now you have your whey and WONDERFUL CREAM CHEESE!!!!
I will never make the cream cheese from just soured milk again. This cream cheese from buttermilk tastes very similar from what you buy at the store only it is more light and fluffy. You may want to add a little salt if you like, but I don't find it necessary! You CAN use this with dessert recipes! I can't wait to make raw cheesecake with this!!!!

From the quart of buttermilk I got:
2 1/4 cup whey
1 1/4 cup cream cheese (10 oz)
COST: $1.50!!! Much cheaper than what you buy organic cream cheese at the it's raw!!

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