February 24, 2009

Dairy Products

Trimble Dairy:
Whole raw milk: $6/gal
raw cream: $3/quart (actually the cream content varies in the container)

Woodstock Farms Organic Unsalted Butter-16 0z-$4.99-The Granery

Sour Cream

Cream Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

Dairy Recipes

Cultured Buttermilk & Sour Cream

Cream Cheese & Whey: from raw buttermilk, Yummy!

Cream Cheese & Whey :from raw soured milk, Yuck!

Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk

Food in Jars/Cans

I'll be gradually adding to this page as I have time!

Apple Sauce:

Tree of Life Organic-Regular or Cinnamon- 24 oz- $4.35 (.181 /oz)- Drug Emporium
Full Circle-Organic- 25 oz- $3.68- (.147 /oz)-Super One

Canned Salmon:

Honey Boy skinnless/boneless pink-6 oz-$1.81 (.30/oz)-Super One

Jams/Jelly: **If I don't buy organic, I do buy the kind with NO corn syrup!
Full Circle Organic-10 oz-$2.57 (.257/oz)-Super One
Polaner All Fruit: (Not organic...but does not contain corn syrup)-10 oz- Drug Emporium
$1.88 (.19/oz) or $2.07 (.21/oz) depending on what flavor you get.

Favorite Food Products

This is a list to pages in which I will keep track of the various brands that I like, how much they cost and where I purchase them. I'm hoping this will help with some cost comparison. Sorry this page is under construction: I'm trying to write it all down in a notebook and get it organized before I post it to the various pages. I will gradually be adding as to the various pages as I get time!








Food in Jars/Cans